Foreigners cant pay rent and come to work in Puerto Vallarta


The president of the COPARMEX Puerto Vallarta chapter, Juan Pablo Martínez, acknowledged that the problem of excess vacancies persists in the companies of the municipality, due to the fact that the locals do not take positions due to lack of competitiveness in salaries.

However, at the same time, it seems difficult for foreign citizens to cover that demand, because the rents in Puerto Vallarta are very high and they cannot afford them.

“These workers require rooms for no more than three thousand, three thousand, 500 pesos, the reality is that here in Puerto Vallarta housing is expensive, rent is expensive, so, they would also have to look for options far from work centers, in places where there may not be enough means of transportation,” said Juan Pablo.

It is worth mentioning that the latest data available is that there were up to 7,000 unoccupied vacancies in hotels, restaurants, plazas, and stores in Puerto Vallarta.

Although this does not necessarily represent a drop in the quality of services or a problem in the operation of the companies, at this time, but more personnel could is required for the high winter season.


The Guadalajara Post