Covid cases increase in Puerto Vallarta up to 20%


The Puerto Vallarta health sector has reported that in recent days there has been an increase in the positivity of COVID-19 detection tests, up to 20%; Although they do not consider it alarming yet, they do request to continue complying with sanitary measures, avoid crowded places and although the use of a face mask is no longer mandatory, wear it as much as possible.

It is worth mentioning that some cases of Covid have been reported in some companies in this city again; Although the pandemic is not over, sanitary measures have been greatly relaxed. In this sense, the ISSSTE and IMSS were asked about the data of the beneficiaries who come to carry out a detection test.

Covid cases increase

Therefore, in recent days the request for tests has increased, for example in the Family Medicine Units of the IMSS, of 10 they do per day, on average three positives already come out; while months ago they were one or none. 

Likewise, in the ISSSTE, they have already begun to notice an increase, from not doing tests or one or two per day, now there are five or more. Although they do not consider that there is still an alarming uptick in cases like months ago , they should be on the lookout in case a new wave of infections arrives in the city. 

Watch out!  Covid cases increase in Vallarta up to 20%

It is worth mentioning that, on the part of the Eighth Health Region, health centers are carrying out free Covid detection tests, regardless of the rights of the people, but if they present some symptoms, they can go to them.

A week ago, the same state governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, assured that Puerto Vallarta registered low levels of infections and occupations. In addition to this, in a video, he specified that while the national average in cases of contagion per 100,000 inhabitants is 12.5 percent, in Jalisco the number is almost half, registering 7.8 cases, which makes the pandemic in the entity is stable and with 13 hospitalizations throughout the public health system and no patients in private hospitals.

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