AMLO cancels NOM 236 safe car verifications


President López Obrador stopped the application of NOM-236 SE 2021, which will be reviewed so as not to affect the economy of Mexicans.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stopped the application of NOM-236 SE 2021 so as not to “sponge” the Mexican population.

In the morning conference held at the National Palace, López Obrador stated that he was not aware that said rule would come into force in a few months, and ordered all the Secretaries to first consult with the Executive for this type of decision before implementing them.

“We are going to review it, I was not aware of it, there are decisions made by the Secretariats and they are not consulted, now we are ensuring that everything that harms the popular economy is consulted, before the Government was a mess because each Secretariat did what it thought it was his function or responsibility, not now, especially when it harms people,” he declared.

“It takes time to establish this new form of government, but we have to sensitize public servants because they say ‘there is an agreement, that’s the norm,’ and that’s it, and people like the technocrats themselves say it, it doesn’t count, it is a variable that does not matter when it is the main thing, then that is going to be reviewed”, he stressed.

We are not going to be bagging people, that was the mentality that prevailed and it has not gone away yet, they are processes of change, of transition, we have come a long way but there is still a part left of technocratic conservative thought, which must be to go to one side, and not with imposition, but persuading, convincing, that there is a different situation”, he pointed out.

In early May, the Ministry of Economy issued the Official Mexican Standard NOM-236-SE-2021  for the verification of vehicles, which orders physical and mechanical verification of cars that are four years old.

The Federal Government published in the Official Gazette of the Federation  (DOF) the guidelines for the new vehicular verification that will apply to new cars of national or foreign origin.

Mexico Daily Post