Video: #LadyFGR they open a file on an official for assaulting and threatening a water distributor


After a viral video where an official from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) appears in an arrogant attitude, the agency reports that an investigation file was initiated for probable irregular conduct.

In the recording, the woman wearing a dress with the logo of the Prosecutor’s Office threatens a young man not to pay for the damages he caused after a traffic incident, for which she was called # LadyFGR on social networks.

Users on social networks were outraged by the fact and also called her #Ladyprepotente.

The video does not specify where or when the incident occurred.

“My whole team will come with a call!” Were the words that the public servant said to the water delivery man after crashing into his tricycle.

The boy reminded her that she did not need to pay her anything because she was the one who hit him and asked a lady if she had a camera in her apartment and if she would let him see the recordings of what happened.

The woman told him: “Whatever you have to do, friend.” When the young man recorded her showing that the Chevrolet car did not have license plates, the lady ran away.

The lady blamed the young man and refused to pay him the damages, for which, on social networks, where the video went viral, they nicknamed her #LadyFGR.

This is how it is read on the Twitter account of the Prosecutor’s Office, where it also states that, through its Internal Control Body, it monitors, corrects and, where appropriate, sanctions actions that go against the principles of the institution.

“Regarding the citizen complaint spread on social networks on May 3, which involves a public servant from the Criminal Investigation Agency, an investigation file was initiated for probable irregular conduct.”

Mexico Daily Post