5 experiences to discover Ajijic, an endearing Magical Town in Jalisco


Cobblestone streets and brightly colored colonial-style buildings drive the desire to explore the Magical Town of Ajijic.

The charming shore of Lake Chapala protects a charming boardwalk in Ajijic. This is the most recent Magical Town of Jalisco, a distinction that it obtained only in December 2020.

Just a few minutes by road from Guadalajara, the tourist destination is ideal for a weekend getaway, or to attract travelers from other latitudes of the country willing to discover the wonders of a site of charming colonial architecture.

The adobe houses and the cobbled streets, which trace the landscapes in this Magical Town, are the perfect invitation to discover it starting from its main square.

What to do in Ajijic?

1) Walk along the pier

Photo: Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco.

One of the most visited tourist attractions is its boardwalk, the perfect place to take a picture next to Lake Chapala or simply enjoy the ethereal landscape from this cemented path that covers a large part of the beach.

2) Art in every corner

Magic Town
Photo: Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco.

The artistic community formed in the Magical Town has made it possible to appreciate various murals when walking its streets, which adorn the walls of the houses and some emblematic buildings. Thus, the view delights with a colorful and magical landscape that becomes a unique experience when visiting the wonderful destination in Jalisco.

3) Visit to El Tepalo

Photo: Building/Flickr

An ideal natural refuge to enjoy during the rainy season (between June and September), because apart from offering green and leafy settings, there is a stream whose amount of water varies depending on how much it has rained the previous days. This forms winding waterfalls and small surrounding natural pools.

4) Horse ride

Magic Town
Photo: Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco

Ajijic also invites tourists to discover its cobbled streets or take a ride along the lake on horseback, while the contemplative gaze is fixed on the sunsets and the birds flying through the sky.

5) Boat ride

Photo: Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco

The endearing presence of the lake, which surrounds this Magical Town, awakens the irrepressible desire to enjoy its waters from a small boat. This is how you can get to the emblematic island of Mezcala: there you can see the fort and galleons that staged one of the most significant naval battles during the time of Mexico’s Independence.

Any of these experiences will culminate with an exquisite gastronomic proposal, to delight the palate of visitors to Ajijic.

Source: forbes.com.mx

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