Vidanta cruises will operate the Islas Marías trips from San Blas and Mazatlan


Grupo Vidanta will be the company in charge of operating the cruise ship company that takes tourists from the coast of Sinaloa and Nayarit to the Marías Islands, as was announced during the Gala Vallarta – Riviera event at the Vallarta International Convention Center.

Grupo Vidanta already plans to invest in a tourist complex in Islas Marías, through the construction of a hotel and the incorporation of its Elegant Vidanta maritime cruise to the Puerto Vallarta-Mazatlán-Islas Marías route, once the incorporation of the archipelago into tourism development is decreed from Pacific.

Islas Marías, de penitenciario a reserva natural y centro de educación  ambiental

In an interview for Vallarta en Línea, Susana Rodríguez Mejía revealed that there is a dialogue with the hotel company to be aware of this new destination offer, for when it is decided to set sail from Puerto Vallarta because for now, the boats will leave from San Blas and Mazatlan.

“The federal government is the one who has managed the destination (the Marías Islands) but the cruise company decides the route, with whom there is a deal is with Vidanta, they will have the shipping line, to go to the islands, and they will decide (the starting points )”, he pointed.

For his part, the businessman and union representative of the hoteliers, Jesús Carmona, said that it is great news that Grupo Vidanta operates the tours to Las Marías “because of its great experience and professionalism” in this industry.

It is worth mentioning that Vidanta already operates a tourist cruise that will sail from Puerto Vallarta this April and will offer trips between Mazatlan and the Vallarta coast, to guests who will stay at their hotels in Nuevo Vallarta.

Various tour operators and travel agencies will sell the tours to the Marías Islands only in advance, to limit the capacity of this destination and avoid its deterioration. There will be between 120 and 150 rooms to stay 1 or 2 nights and a cultural center, mountain trails, visits to historical sites, and ecotourism, the infrastructure is already ready. In San Blas, a new cruise ship terminal has already been built.

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The region is attractive and seductive due to the variety of endemic species, both maritime and terrestrial. There is a rich marine fauna in which several species of sharks and the gray whale stand out, as well as large schools of fish and molluscs.

The official stated that Grupo Vidanta is a conglomerate of 25 tourist hotels located in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco and Mazatlán. In addition, it operates the Mar de Cortés International Airport.

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