Guayabitos beach closed due to moray eel fish attacking swimmers


Access to the swimming area is restricted

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The Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection through the General Directorate of Citizen Protection and Firefighters of Nayarit, reports that for days the presence of moray eels has been found on the beaches of Guayabitos and Los Ayala, from the municipality of Compostela, Nayarit.

In response to this, from the first case of bite, the lifeguard operative personnel carry out prevention work, with surveillance tours with the visibility of the red and purple flag, where awareness tasks are also carried out with inhabitants and visitors about the presence and increase of the specimen on the spot.

Likewise, during the work, 165 people have been registered who have received pre-hospital care in the last three days, this derived from fish bites.

Specialized biologists from the SSPC suggest that this phenomenon originates from changes in temperature in the sea or also from reproductive events between the species.

Derived from this, it is reported that the purple flag is maintained, which indicates the presence of harmful fauna in the sea, in this case the brown fish.

As a preventive measure and to safeguard the integrity of the inhabitants, visitors and emergency personnel, access to the swimming area is restricted, such as recreational activities in the water.

Citizens are invited not to fall for false information and to comply with the indications of the Citizen Protection and Security authority.

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