New environmental destruction with Puerto Vallarta “Mega Development” with a marina in Boca de Tomates


There is no environmental protection

Companies from the real estate industry and individuals from the real estate industry project a mega tourism development with high added value in Boca de Tomates, an area with a high presence of protected flora and fauna, as well as an estuary.

The first case is that of a render that for at least 3 years has drawn the attention of Internet users on YouTube. A video titled “Boca de Tomates Hotels – Film Studio Resort Puerto Vallarta” shows a super hotel development around a circular marina, which connects to a canal, and has access to what appears to be the sea or the Ameca River. .

From the physiognomy of the model and the name, it is evident that it is Boca de Tomates. The video is on the account of Film Studio Resorts, which has videos of other luxury developments, one more on the Costa Alegre in Jalisco.

When researching the firm on Google, this name is linked to LatAm OceanRE Ltd, an investment company registered in the Bahamas within the Exchange Commission of the United States of America (USA),

Screenshot 20220307 210929 1024x473 - They plan "mega developments" with a marina in Boca de Tomates.  There is no environmental protection

On the page where the Securities and Exchange Commission mentions that Latam Oceanre Ltd is registered with the United States Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Bahamas, there is no more information about it.

So the alleged development in Boca de Tomates remains a mystery. However, preparing this type of detailed renderings is a task that costs in the market and is carried out on behalf of clients, in specialized architecture offices, when there is the certainty or intention of executing a project.

The second case is that of Vidanta. Recently, Mexicans United Against Corruption revealed that Grupo Vidanta renewed a consent until 2034 to execute a project in Boca de Tomates.

This consent expired in 2021 but was renewed by the current federal government. Currently, as shown in satellite images from February 2022 obtained by this Editorial Office, there are already works to erect buildings similar to those of a hotel just a few meters from the Boca de Tomates estuary.

Screenshot 20220226 141636 edited - Project "mega developments" with marina in Boca de Tomates.  There is no environmental protection

It also transpired that the owners of “ramadas” type restaurants on the beach have been summoned until Easter by Vidanta to retire, as they were questioned by Vallarta en Línea.

Likewise, the company’s golf course has been expanding during the last year, getting closer and closer to the mangrove area and the mouth of the Ameca River.

It is unknown to what extent the Vidanta tourism project in Boca de Tomates will impact because it has not been publicized. Its impact on the landscape, however, is already very visible.

And the third case is that of a series of mysterious advertisements on the Internet where a plot of land of several hectares is offered to develop in Boca de Tomates. In one of them, for example, they offer

In one of them, for example, 475 thousand 277 square meters are offered “near the Vidanta theme park for developers of large hotel projects, residential areas and more.”

The description even details that the land “has an area for a marina for small and large boats”, confirming the intention of the developers to give private navigability to the area.

When trying to contact a seller through the advertisement, Vallarta en Línea was able to verify that, indeed, there is a response from the alleged owners or commission agents.

Questioned about the “sale of land in Boca de Tomates with an area for a marina”, the seller replied that “it is an area to be developed (…) you send the project and we will see if we accept it”.

Likewise, the person who responds to the ad pointed out that it is about 47 hectares at 400 dollars per square meter, “that Vidanta wanted to expropriate” after the Sale was not consolidated with them.

“We just took them away, but the property is still for sale on the market,” the seller said.

The above facts confirm by means of an interest in developing what is considered the last zone of virgin beach and free urban infrastructure in Puerto Vallarta.

Here, Mexican and foreign biologists have studied and documented for years the presence of crocodiles, otters, and even jaguars, species protected by law. In addition to labeling Boca de Tomates as the area where more species of birds nest in the entire bay.

Its estuary is home to great biodiversity in an area of ​​mangroves and swamps that connects to the Ameca River. But to this day, the entire strip lacks any legal status that would give it a shield to prevent real estate developments from preying on it.

Located between the airport and the mouth of the Ameca River, Boca de Tomates has been exposed as an area of ​​great natural wealth, biologists and environmentalists to this day urge the 3 levels of government to protect this area. Its strategic location between two densely urbanized hotel zones makes it even more vulnerable.

Screenshot 20220307 211752 edited - Project "mega developments" with marina in Boca de Tomates.  There is no environmental protection
Screenshot 20220307 211801 473x1024 - They plan "mega developments" with a marina in Boca de Tomates.  There is no environmental protection


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