Puerto Vallarta citizen complaints of unsightly property and demand action be taken


Citizen complaints received by CPS Noticias-Tribuna de la Bahía pointed out the bad image given by a vacant lot that was later filled with broken-down cars, surrounded by cardboard, plastic, and tarps in the middle of the Bypass, where thousands of cars pass daily, offering visual pollution to visitors and locals.

canvases in release

One of the complainants made a call to the municipal president Luis Michel, to take action on the matter since there are already several administrations that have tolerated the situation that violates several regulations:

“Years go by, years go by and here in this place next to SEMEFO the same pigsty is still there. When are they going to do something, or fine, so that the owner of that business really cleans up?

The point is located on the corner of the Luis Donaldo Colosio Bypass, on the corner with Belize, right next to the facilities of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, SEMEFO, and in front of the offices of the Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family, DIF.

Canvases in release

The tarps and plastics were full of dust, poorly tied, as if it were a “cartolandia”. It is not known if someone sleeps inside or is a watchman, but a person has been seen leaving; It is unknown what its use is since apparently it is a workshop corralón, but it lacks signs on the outside.

It is highly questionable that a tourist destination like Puerto Vallarta, in one of its main avenues, presents this type of damage to the visual image.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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