Cruise Ships expected return to Puerto Vallarta in July


The shipping agent consignee, Carlos Gerard, reported that there is good news for Puerto Vallarta since it is expected that the first tourist cruises will begin to arrive in this city by July of this year

In an interview for CPS Noticias, the businessman commented that the impact on this destination has been very strong due to the cancellation of cruises around the world since no one had foreseen what was going to happen with this pandemic. 

“If we have good news for Puerto Vallarta on the issue of cruise arrivals since the tentative date where some scheduled arrivals can be registered is in the month of July or before, but right now I would not like to confirm it until the reservations are made. at the port, but we wait for you from that month on ”. 

He commented that due to the progress of the vaccination process in the United States, and the confidence generated by Puerto Vallarta by the measures that have been implemented here, it is clear the interest of shipping companies such as Celebrity Cruises of the Royal Caribbean family to initiate arrivals to this port the next summer.

In addition, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC for its acronym in English), in the coming days will issue the protocols to follow so that cruise ships can already set sail from ports in the American Union, and with this the flag is given to the reactivation of the shipping sector in North America.

“Among one of the possible recommendations is that all those tourists who want to board a cruise must be vaccinated already, so this is a very good sign and it is a respite because the issue of cruises is going to be reactivated and there are more flights. already coming from the United States and also national ”. 

In addition to this, the crew will also be vaccinated, which will give greater security to tourism service providers when cruise passengers arrive, but it is necessary that health protocols continue to be observed and not lower their guard.

He commented that cruise ships that had not come to the city could arrive, which is excellent news, but also that many ships are thinking of traveling all year round and not just seasonally.

Finally, he highlighted that Puerto Vallarta is the second national destination where tourists spend more than 98 dollars and the first place is the port of Cozumel.  

According to data from the Integral Port Administration, there were 185 projected cruises in 2020, but only 73 arrived; but of those, some docked to make “Humanitarian rescues.” 

Cruises anchored in Puerto Vallarta

The city started 2020 with a historical projection of passengers and cruise ships, but it was until March that expectations for this sector were truncated.


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