Nayarit officially in Red covid light


It had already transpired on Wednesday night, that the Health Secretariat of the Government of Mexico announced to the state government that Nayarit will return to the red light due to infections and deaths from COVID-19. The news was confirmed this Thursday by the Secretary of Public Security and Welfare of the State, Jorge Benito Rodríguez Martínez.

Interviewed in the middle of a protest over the closure of San Blas and Tepic next weekend, he warned that other measures were coming, since they were already at a red light decreed by the federal government: 

“What is going to imply a different quality of movements to those that could have been raised, we all have the right to work, they effectively pay taxes, but the state cannot subsidize those taxes with human lives,” he warned of the need to avoid the mobility of people. 

He pointed out that the restriction operation was going to be implemented for the port of San Blas and the capital Tepic, not for the rest of the State; He clarified that they do not close hotels, but that the sale of alcohol is prohibited. 

He warned that there are already saturated hospitals, and that the medical sector could go into strike. So people have been asked to stay home this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

He called on citizens and businessmen to respect the protocols and measures, as he said he does not have a policeman to be watching each person.

“The trade is not closing, there are from Monday to Friday, only this Friday because some answer has to be given to the Federal Government when yesterday it decrees that we go to the red traffic light … it would imply the complete total closure of a month or fifteen days, the governor gave us the instruction that we look for alternatives so as not to drown ”, indicated Rodríguez.  

It should be noted the new COVID-19 Traffic Light map would be made official this Friday; However, the Government of Nayarit has already been implementing strict health measures that seek to stop the increase in infections and deaths; and the Secretary of Security himself said, if necessary they will close all non-essential businesses.


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