Virtual platform launched to make culinary trips throughout Mexico


Technology and gastronomic cultural diffusion come together in this project that revalues ​​what is born and made in Mexico.

The Mexperience Company, together with Huawei, promotes a new way of exploring Mexican gastronomy through virtual experiences through which you can learn to prepare recipes as well as investigate what is behind the culinary identity of a state to an area from the country.

The pandemic forced us to change schemes and The Mexperience Company is proof of this. Faced with the impossibility of traveling and living in person, this alternative takes advantage of the technology and the push of an international brand such as Huawei, to reach any corner of Mexico in order to spread the cultural, gastronomic, and tourist diversity of the country.

When you buy a Mexperience, you receive at the door of your house everything you need to know up close what the cuisine of a certain place is like, depending on the theme of the event. On a specific day and time, you will have to connect via video call with an expert, and possibly other fellow travelers.

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In each Mexperience the role that the selected elements play within Mexican culture is explored, it is shared about their current condition, the communities from which they come and the recipes that make the gastronomy of Mexico have been considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, according to Unesco, since 2010.

Diffusion with cause

The objective of only exposing our wealth would be incomplete if there were not congruence with an edge of mutual aid towards the producers who also make it possible.

According to Laura Pastrana, who is the founder of The Mexperience Company, all the edible supplies, beverages, and crafts that come to the participants’ homes are purchased through a fair trade scheme with small producers throughout Mexico. This, according to her, is a way to revalue her work and give it a greater projection.

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The Mexperiences may differ, depending on the nature of the subject and the desire of viewers. The same can be Mexperiences live by Zoom, Mexperiences classes to learn how to prepare recipes, or even Mexperiences on demand, which can be experienced without the need to connect in real-time.

They all have different themes depending on the season, for the moment they will remain virtual until the pandemic subsides enough to allow us to have physical encounters, and they cost around 1800 pesos for two people. 

You can find them on the initiative’s website.

The role of technology has always been important for the current development of the world; however, when you team up with the gastronomic culture of a country like ours, the match becomes perfect and safe.


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