YouTuber was filmed swimming with a crocodile in Quintana Roo


The Youtuber ‘Sebastrip’ recommends tourist sites in his videos; He pointed out that the crocodile ‘Panchito’ that lives in the Manatí Cenote, in Tulum, is very quiet.

Sebastián loves to travel, therefore, he decided to create his tourist agency with which he generates tourist content and distributes it on various digital platforms, where he advises travelers to live the experience represented by traveling through the various tourist places of Quintana Roo and Mexico.

“The objective is to motivate them to travel, guide them in their travels, but above all to live new experiences,” said the 26-year-old, who a few days ago made a video swimming in the Manatí Cenote in Tulum, where “ Panchito ”a two-meter crocodile that swims freely without attacking tourists.

This publication exceeds 100,000 views on YouTube, as well as more than 5,000 visits and comments on Instagram; “It is very rare to see him swimming or sunbathing, he lives there and is always in his little house kept and rarely goes out to be with tourists, the animal is surprising, it imposes too much, but it is very calm I feel lucky to be able to live with that level with nature in Mexico ”, he assured.

“Sebastrip” as it is known on digital platforms, ensures that today more than ever Mexicans must know their territory because the various tour operators in the state and the country that make a living from this activity are having a bad time.

“Today Mexico depends a lot on tourism it is one of the main economic activities that benefit the country, so those who can travel do not seek to know another side in the world, not now, better travel within the Republic, we help to reactivate tourism and that those who make a living from it can bring sustenance to their homes ”, said who already has more than 100,000 subscribers only on YouTube, where he has material from different parts of Quintana Roo and Mexico in more than 25 videos.

“Right now we continue to generate content, with the task of consuming local, traveling with small agencies focused on sustainable tourism, avoiding the masses, reserving everything in advance, exaggerating our security measures and taking into account that now everything has changed, even for those of us who live off the monetization of our material in networks ”, he specified.

Sebastián’s videos are for the whole family, so if you consider traveling in the coming months you can consult their content to make a decision, there you will find a detailed guide on hotel prices, access to various tourist activities and even on shops food of the exposed points; “I do it as if it were a manual, as I would have liked them to sell me a trip, we have aquatic and aerial images,” concluded the young man.


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