Puerto Escondido Zicatela beach experiences unusual big waves warn lifeguards


PUERTO ESCONDIDO, Oaxaca.- Lifeguards from Zicatela warned that during these days there is an unusual swell for this time of year, with waves that are around 2 meters high at times of maximum intensity.

This phenomenon began to be perceived from Sunday, from the middle of Zicatela beach to La Punta, said the coordinator of the lifeguards, Godofredo Vásquez Bohórquez, who added that in this area there were also strong return currents, in cold water.

When there are “beautiful waves“, he indicated, in La Punta de Zicatela a significant number of surfers of different nationalities and levels are concentrated; at times between 30 and 40 surfers are seen in this popular surf spot, looking for the perfect wave.

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The coordinator of the lifeguards explained that Marinero Beach and Bahía Principal are practically without waves, however, this weekend they carried out about 7 rescues and many preventions, with a white balance so far.

Godofredo added that although the number of visitors decreased notably, the rescues have been carried out, mainly in the afternoons, when the tide goes out and the bathers trust each other, therefore the jet ski or jetsky is parked on the beach in case to require. During this peak season it was only used in a rescue of four people, with success, he detailed.

Currently, 12 lifeguards from Zicatela are active and cover about 4 kilometers from Bahía Principal to La Punta, in the municipality of Santa María Colotepec.

Also this unusual swell is used by the members of the Mexican Association of Surf Instructors, Amisurf AC of Puerto Escondido, which last month celebrated its 4 years as a group and together with La Punta de Zicatela, Carrizalillo Bay is another surf spot used by this group to teach surfing lessons, with proper training.

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Sanitary filters are maintained

As these spots are gathering more activity, in these places sanitary filters are maintained where the use of face masks is required and the capacity is controlled to avoid crowds. The same to access Carrizalillo, which last weekend filled with the capacity of 300 people, especially in the afternoons, and in Bacocho, where athletes, due to the width of the beach, prefer to practice skimboarding, jogging, or walking.

Source: nvinoticias.com

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