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The COVID-19 pandemic has left us a very difficult year to go through in all aspects, and one of the most affected industries has undoubtedly been tourism, something that for a country as rich and diverse as Mexico is a very strong blow to hoteliers, merchants, restaurateurs and all the travelers who love to travel the country.

However, the pandemic has not managed to stop one of the most emblematic places in our region, loved by countrymen and foreigners, Oaxaca, the brightest jewel in the Mexican Pacific. This destination refuses to leave its throne as a tourist leader, even in the midst of the health contingency because this same year the city of Oaxaca was chosen as one of the 25 best tourist cities and the best in Mexico by Travel + Leisure, one of the leading magazines on tourism worldwide.

Besides, this artisanal and gastronomic paradise also received in 2020 the distinction as “Leading City Break Destination in Mexico and Central America” ​​(Mexico & Central America’s Leading City Break Destination 2020), awarded by The World Travel Awards, the main seal of excellence in the tourism industry, competing with places like Dubai, New York and Sydney for decoration worldwide.

7 wonders on land and sea for all tastes
Oaxaca is one of the most popular places for all travelers, those who seek extreme adventures in its seas and exotic flavors on their plates, but also by those who are a little more traditional and enjoy spending long quiet days with a perfect climate and multiple activities, flavors, places and colors to discover, among them are:

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  1. Archaeological zones that transport an emblematic past.

This city has several archaeological zones open to the public, with Monte Albán as the most important, considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity, one of the most important spaces in Mesoamerica. When you visit this destination, you cannot miss Mitla (place of the dead in Nahuatl), Bocana del Río and Copalita, close to the beautiful bays of Huatulco.

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  1. Crafts with ancient techniques

Oaxacan artisans use clay in multiple colors such as black, red and green, they also create alebrijes, tin figures, goldsmiths, rugs, textiles and an infinity of unique pieces made by hand with techniques that have been working for hundreds of years in the region.

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  1. Exotic gastronomy that tastes like home

In every corner of Oaxaca, grains, fruits, vegetables and spices are grown that form the basis of its gastronomy, creating delicious snacks, its famous moles and ritual drinks such as mezcal, tejate and sparkling chocolate, which they leave in everyone who tastes it. a comforting, sweet and incomparable sensation.

  1. Diving and snorkelling for sea lovers

The warm waters that surround the state on the beaches of Huatulco, Tejoncito, Tangolunda Chachahual, among others, leave us authentic jewels of diversity for sea lovers to explore beautiful coral reefs, which due to their extension and the species that inhabit it make these the most important on the Mexican Pacific Coast.

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  1. Coffee paradise of international excellence

In the Huatulco area you can discover the aromas of the incredible farms, taste the delicious organic honey that is produced around it and stay there to taste one of the best coffees in Mexico and the world.

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  1. Tourism for the more adventurous

If you are one of the people who more enjoy extreme fun, this destination offers direct contact with nature through all kinds of activities such as:

Mountain biking
Horseback riding
Zip lines
Raft descents
  1. Open sea fishing for a wide variety of fish

The Pacific waters in which Oaxaca is located delight all its visitors with schools of fish of all kinds such as red snapper, skipjack, sailfish, dorado, marlin, barracuda and tuna, a fishing experience full of emotion that will be saved forever. in your memories.

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Oaxaca, for Mexico and the world

Oaxaca is one of the most incredible and diverse paradises that you can find in Mexico and surely in the whole world, whose people remain at the foot of the canyon in the face of any adversity, ready to welcome everyone with open arms today and always.

So now you know, if what you want is to live an unforgettable experience for a lifetime, visit the state of Oaxaca on your next vacation! For more information and details to have the best trip, visit the page www.oaxaca.travel or its social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram): @oaxtravel.

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