Puerto Vallarta expects a direct flight to New York


The director of Beach Tourism, Susana Rodríguez Mejía, reported that Puerto Vallarta is making important progress in terms of its air connectivity; in addition, the reopening of a flight to New York is being sought. 

This without neglecting the prevention work in the destination so that the main cities of the United States and Canada continue to fly towards this city.

“We are about to open a flight to New York and we are in the process, many years had passed or there was no connectivity and it is in talks, this means that the United States market but there are still many reservations in that country as well as Canada” . 

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She indicated that practically all the routes are re-established, but what is sought is to increase the frequencies since Puerto Vallarta is five or six percent less than in 2019.

“This is good news but we must follow expectations but we are waiting for the restrictive measures that Canada will apply to those who decide.” 

She pointed out that connectivity does not depend only on Mexico, Jalisco, or Puerto Vallarta, but on other countries and their restrictions due to the pandemic. 

She mentioned that they continue working so that in the last weeks of the year the occupancy could increase from the 50% that is allowed at the moment, to have an excellent closing of the year, despite the fact that the massive events are canceled.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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