Mexico: What to do in Baja California? From Tijuana to Rosarito


Adventure tourism, water activities, beach, gastronomic delights, and the wine route, are just some of the must-sees to do and enjoy

Baja California is a multifaceted and vibrant state, its variety of natural attractions, beaches, deserts, forests, and valleys, make this one of the favorite states of travelers. On a trip we will enjoy adventure tourism, water activities, we will relax on the beach, you will delight us with its delicious gastronomy and of course, we will discover the wine route, since 90% of the country’s wine is produced here.

Baja California's Gastronomy

This state is located in the northwestern region of the country and its capital is Mexicali, which offers an important entertainment offer, cultural venues, and is also known as an important craft beer-producing region. In Mexicali, we can enjoy nature in the Guadalupe Canyon, among waterfalls, hot springs, and cave paintings.

Another of the most popular destinations in the state is undoubtedly Tijuana, the most visited border city in the world, thanks to its cultural, gastronomic and artistic offer. The city stands out for its modernity and the fusion of cultures that occurs thanks to its proximity to the United States.

Lovers of nature and outdoor activities will find an Eden in Ensenada, since the destination has a great variety of flora and fauna, as well as being home to protected areas such as the Biosphere of the Island of Guadalupe and the Valle de los Cirios.


Multicultural, young, irreverent, borderline, innovative and creative, the city of Tijuana fits all these adjectives, while it does not stop evolving.

Every year around 50 million people cross the San Ysidro border crossing that connects Tijuana with the US city of San Diego. In addition to Mexicans and Americans, citizens from all over Latin America and from remote corners of the planet use this international transit point.

So the large number of cultures that meet in the streets of Tijuana made his creative side develop extraordinarily, expressing himself in various artistic manifestations.

Thus, the Cecut (Tijuana Cultural Center), with the unmistakable circular profile that its IMAX screen gives it, became a pole that attracts, proposes, exhibits mobilizes, and generates novel cultural expressions.

CECUT (The Tijuana Cultural Center), one of the best things to do in Tijuana,  Baja California

Its gastronomy also uses the excellent ingredients that the area produces to suggest flavors as intense as they are innovative with the most diverse inspirations. And to drink? The city awarded as “capital of the craft beer of Mexico” has much to offer. In addition, it is another of the cities that serve as the gateway to the Guadalupe Valley to travel the famous Wine Route in Baja California.

Avenida Revolución is perhaps the backbone of its tourist activity and the place where a good part of Tijuana’s life passes. However, those who decide to explore it in depth will be able to discover unsuspected and surprising facets of this “global city”.

Ruta del Vino en Ensenada


Mexico is a country of contrasts in every way, just as it is said that Chiapa de Corzo, in Chiapas is one of the oldest cities in Latin America, on the other hand, there are young places like Rosarito, which became one of the destinations favorites of surfers and those who love the beach.

Rosarito, Baja California is located 30 minutes from Tijuana by road and an hour from Ensenada and San Diego, California, that is why many travelers from the United States adopted this place as their weekend destination to surf and return home with a good tan.

The climate in Rosarito is one of its main attractions since it is warm and sunny throughout the year, its summers are dry, so it is an ideal place to vacation without worrying about rain. In autumn the presence of the Santa Ana Winds is common, which are extremely dry air currents typical of the northern part of Mexico and southern California, United States.

Rosarito is a city where you can practice water sports almost all year round. One of its main economic activities is film and television since here are the Baja Studios film studios where films such as Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Planet of the Apes and television series such as Fear of the Walking Dead have been filmed. .


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