Family attacked and robbed on Tamaulipas highway


The family was attacked on the San Fernando-Reynosa highway; the criminals injured one of its members and stripped them of all their belongings.

A Tamaulipas family that was driving on its way to the border and traveling on the San Fernando-Reynosa highway, was attacked by armed criminals, injuring one of its members, in addition to stripping them of all their belongings.

The armed attack occurred at 5:00 p.m. at kilometer 69, on a stretch of road that belongs to the municipality of Reynosa.

Information prepared by the General Investigation Unit of that municipality indicated that the injured person responds to the name of Luis Alberto “C”, a resident of the El Rosarito community in the state of Veracruz.

The medical diagnosis indicates that the man had a bullet in the chest on the left side and he was admitted to a hospital at the entrance to the city.

Luis Alberto, his wife, and two other family members left the state of Veracruz for Reynosa with the idea of ​​visiting relatives.

As they were near kilometer 69, a van with armed men paired up with them and ordered them to stop.

Armed group attacks family on Tamaulipas highway

Photo: Cuartoscuro

Fearing for their lives, they accelerated, for which they were attacked with bullets and when Luis Alberto was wounded they stopped the vehicle.

The gunmen seized personal documents and other valuables from them and fled the scene.

Hours later, the police learned of what happened, so they started the investigation.

The area where the incident occurred is considered dangerous due to the existence of the various cells of the Gulf Cartel that fight for control of the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas (one of the most violent cities in Mexico).

Recently on that route, the seizure of 600 thousand dollars in cash was made, in addition to the alleged kidnapping of 22 migrants who were traveling on a bus line on March 7, 2019; and their whereabouts are still unknown so far.

Source: Excelsior

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