Puerto Vallarta to cancel New Year’s Eve party


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional end-of-year celebrations will not take place in Puerto Vallarta, according to Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, who said that the celebrations this year should with family at home.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, countless events have been canceled in the city, and we are in a situation where the end of the year festivities are being canceled, said Mayor Dávalos Peña.

Among the next festivities that will also be canceled is the “charros parade” on November 20.

“Everything has been canceled and we will continue to be,” said the mayor, noting that if the pandemic continues as it has been up to now, it’s likely all New Year’s Eve celebrations will be canceled in the city.

The Mayor indicated that people should plan now to spend New Year’s Eve at home with family.

Currently Jalisco has activated the emergency button due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. In order for Puerto Vallarta to host New Year’s Eve celebrations, the city would need to move from the highest alert to the lowest alert in less than two months. This is unlikely to be accomplished.

“Since there is no date for when the pandemic will end, mass events must continue to be canceled, until we have the vaccine and we are immune to the coronavirus. We have to learn to live with these health and prevention measures,” said the Mayor.

Source: PVDN

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