11 beaches in Tamaulipas you can’t miss


Looking for a different destination? Bet on your next vacation on the beaches of Tamaulipas. You will love them!

Alfonso Galindo @ Playa Miramar, Mexico Daily Post

Beaches in Tamaulipas: beauties of the Mexican Gulf

Important high-altitude ports and commercial cities characterize this border state, which offers a landscape contrasted by its mountains, plains, and rivers, all bordered by the sea. Its 432 kilometers of coastline offers delicious and remote beaches that invite you to rest. For the sport fishing lover, here there are dams, rivers, lagoons and a lot of coastline. Let yourself be carried away by the swaying of the waves and get a pleasant experience.

1. Bagdad Beach

Gateway to the beach destinations of the Gulf of Mexico. Its calm waves and the softness of the sand are conducive to rest and fun. It is distinguished by its dunes and seashells. It is a plain that invites you to walk, ride a horse, swim, fish, jet ski, and play soccer and beach volleyball. It is the most fun area in spring and summer. Do not miss the crab and shrimp cocktails in its restaurants by the sea.

  • Where is:

38 km from Matamoros on federal highway 2.

2. Puerto Mezquital

It is a shallow body of water and a lot of movement, the tides usually increase its water surface, which connects to the adjacent estuaries. It has abundant marine life, especially birds, many of them migratory. More than a port, it is a jetty for small ships, there you can rent a boat to walk through the lagoon and fully observe a large number of birds. If you want to appreciate this environment for more than one day, you have the option to camp.

  • Where is:

117 km from Playa Bagdad by federal 2 and highway to Mezquital.

3. Laguna Madre

It is a Flora and Fauna Protection Area; This lagoon has a vast expanse of salty water approximately 230 kilometers long. It runs from Ramireño to the north and ends at La Pesca, to the south. Along its coasts, there are countless small fishing villages. In the vicinity of the lagoon, you will find wonderful places that invite you to rest, walk, and fish. You also have the option of observing its terrestrial fauna, such as the red-headed duck, the white pelican, ocelots, tigrillos, pumas, lynxes, white-tailed deer, yellow-headed parrot, and white-winged dove. In the highest portion of the Laguna Madre is Punta de Media Luna; it is characterized by the abundance of crab and shrimp. Its inhabitants live by fishing for lagoon species.

  • Where is:

179 km from Mezquital on federal 101, Vergeles deviation.

4. Barrancón

It is located in the deepest part of the lagoon (the town appears on the maps as El Mezquite). Due to the proximity of the bar to the sea, it is possible to enjoy its waters; You can take boat rides or practice sport fishing. It is a very popular area for fishermen due to the high production of fish. Despite this, it is a good option to get away from the noise and dedicate yourself to rest.

  • Where is:

35 km southeast of Los Vergeles.

5. La Carbonera

It is one of the most exciting beaches in the lagoon, it is an adventure with a taste of the sea. Its magnificent beaches let you enjoy fishing, a boat ride, and water sports. It is an excellent place for you to enjoy field days accompanied by family or friends. It is the starting point to explore the El Nacimiento Cave; take a boat and start the journey to the cave formed in the foothills of the mountains, from where a spring of crystalline waters gushes out. It is one of the deepest and most majestic flooded caverns in the world and was the scene of two world diving records. To get there, take the Ciudad Mante bypass.

52 km from San Fernando on the San Fernando-Carboneras highway

6. La Pesca

Its golden sand beaches are open to the Gulf of Mexico. Along its 230 kilometers, you will see pelicans, herons, cormorants, and seagulls. In them, you have the option of swimming and walking along the breakwater. It is an ideal destination for sport fishing. In the afternoons we suggest you take a boat ride, where you will see beautiful landscapes.

50 km from Soto La Marina by state Soto La MarinaLa Pesca

7. Tepehuaje

It is one of the most appreciated destinations for those who travel as a family; the tranquility of the environment invites you to walk and rest. You can enjoy a game of volleyball or soccer. Because it is an open sea it is not appropriate to swim. Just dedicate yourself to watching the waves sway. Nearby is the Rancho Nuevo camp, where research and protection of the olive ridley turtle are carried out. If you want to know this place, you must meet the requirements as there are some restrictions on visitors.

  • Where is:

114 km from La Pesca by state 52 and federal 180, and 62 km from Soto La Marina by federal 180.

8. Barra de Tordo

It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Tamaulipas coast. It is located at the mouth of the Carrizales River, where lagoon, sea, and river meet to create a privileged ecosystem, in which the coastal plain mixes with the closed jungle. It has a number of attractions, such as cenotes, rivers, and archaeological sites. It has extensive beaches where you can fish and ride a boat. You can also camp and hike. It is considered a sanctuary for the olive ridley turtle, which year after year arrives to spawn. There are hotels and restaurants that will allow you to enjoy the delicious food of the sea.

  • Where is:

158 km from Tepehdamientos by federal 180 and highway Aldama-Barra El Tordo.

Coctel de Camarón

9. Tesoro

This beach lends itself to relaxation and fun. Offer a wonderful view of the sea while enjoying an aperitif in any of its palapas. If you visit it on vacation, you will surely witness a musical group. It is a good destination to meet with the family.

  • Where is:

90 km from Barra del Tordo on the Aldama-Barra El Tordo highway.

Jesus Lopez Reyes

10. Barra de Ostión

It boasts a landscape of incomparable beauty; Its blue waters and wonderful sunrises will invite you to be in contact with nature.

  • Where is:

24 km south of Playa Tesoro along Bulevar de los Ríos.

11. Miramar

It is a beautiful and imposing seaside resort. It has a ten-kilometer-long beach where you can safely have fun, due to its gentle slope. Out to sea, you have the option of skiing, surfing, and sailing. In the afternoons we suggest you take a walk or ride a bike and appreciate the seabirds that swirl in the air. Miramar allows you to spend a relaxed day; enjoy the sun and the sea in their palapas, with delicious seafood.

  • Where is:

11 km from Barra de Ostión on federal 180.

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