Biden may improve US-Mexico ties, but worries AMLO government


Some energy investors have already started litigation and many others plan to sue Mexico once the US elections are over

A Joe Biden presidency would ease border tensions and increase pressure for Mexico to respect U.S. business interests, as the two neighbors implement a trade deal designed to regain jobs from China, industry officials, and sources said.

Biden aims to dethrone President Donald Trump on Nov.3, who has sparked tensions with Mexico over trade and border security since he referred to Mexican migrants as rapists and drug traffickers at the beginning of his presidential bid in 2015-2016.

Still, since taking office in late 2018, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has forged an uneasy alliance with Trump, agreeing to his demands to keep undocumented immigrants away in exchange for a relatively free hand in Mexico to interfere. in foreign businesses, many of which plan litigation.

If victorious, Biden would face pressure to curb López Obrador’s efforts to marginalize private companies in the Mexican energy sector and ensure that his government honors its commitment to strengthening labor laws to make it difficult to outsource, a priority for unions. Americans.

” I think Biden will be able to tell Mexico to be sure that we comply with the rule of law if there is any contract with energy or whatever, ” said Henry Cuellar, a Democratic congressman who chairs the United States-Mexico Inter-Parliamentary Group.

Cuellar, a staunch ally of Mexico in its efforts to prevent Trump from breaking the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), said that Biden will remain steadfast in adhering to the joint agreements, but will be much more actively engaged. with the Mexican government.

The former vice president’s desire to heal the diplomatic wounds of the past four years has many politicians in both countries hoping for a relationship free from the blame games and risky politics that Trump often used to get his way.

Business leaders hope Biden will rule more by the rules than Trump, whose run-ins with US courts reflect some of López Obrador’s own battles with the checks and balances to his power.

Advocating for a more “humane” approach to migration, Biden says his goal is to combat poverty and the violence behind it, just as he did in 2014 as Barack Obama’s vice president when he spearheaded a major infrastructure plan. to boost the Central American economies.

That would fit in with López Obrador’s attitude in his own election campaign before Trump threatened his southern neighbor with trade tariffs if he didn’t stop the migrants.

The Mexican government also knows that Biden would not want to face a sudden influx of migrants crossing the Latin American nation via Guatemala, said a Mexican official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“We are not going to withdraw the National Guard from the southern border the day that Biden takes office,” the official said, expressing hope that the Democrat will win the election.


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