Salto del Meco: The perfect ecotourism destination in San Luis Potosí


El Salto del Meco is a hotel to awaken emotions and immerse yourself in nature.

Would you like to do tubing, body surfing or trampolines in the middle of a lush jungle?

The Hotel Salto del Meco offers you a stay with a privileged location where your transfers to adventure will not be a problem.


Your stay at the Hotel Salto del Meco includes 1 of these basic activities per day:

It consists of touring the river flows passing through small rapids aboard an inflatable donut

Tour swimming using the effects of the current in the casca el meco canyon

This activity consists of following the light and intense currents aboard an inflatable raft.


Exchange your basic activities for a Premium one for:

  • Jumps of Cascades the trampolines in Cascada El Meco $ 250.00
  • Night Sup $ 400.00

From Cascada el Salto. The waterfall jump is one of the activities that can be done in the Huasteca and it is perfect to challenge the heights and adrenaline, as well as to appreciate the turquoise blue of the waters from another perspective.

Day or night. This activity consists of crossing rivers and crossing areas of small rapids on board a surfboard and with the help of an elongated paddle, either standing, sitting or kneeling.

This activity consists of rapidly descending the walls of impressive rocks, waterfalls and mountains. As you descend, you feel the breeze from the waterfalls and listen to the imposing waterfall next to you.

This activity consists of applying the waterfall jumping technique and reaching the top of the Cascada del Meco to enjoy a spectacular view.

In this location, you can spend a relaxing vacation, take a walk along the banks of the El Salto River, dive into its refreshing turquoise waters, or ascend the panoramic staircase to the top of the canyon of the mighty El Meco waterfall, 38 m high.

Practice glamping with our airtight and static yurt- type tent . See Velaria

With a spectacular view of the El Salto River, this structure is made up of two independent and autonomous hotel rooms.

Taste the best cuisine of the region in a space located at the top of the El Meco waterfall canyon. See menu

Panoramic stairway to the top of the canyon.
Exclusive viewpoint to the El Meco waterfall.
Vests and boats for rent.
Pool with a wading pool.
800 meters of riverside.
Pool towels.
Table games.
Pool bar.

Rent and instruction of:
Sup’s (Stand Up Paddle Board).
Inflatable kayaks.
White water kayak.


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