Creel, the amazing Magical Town of the Sierra Tarahumara


Creel is a Magic Town located at the Puerta de la Sierra Tarahumara. 

Learn about a place full of tradition and spectacular landscapes!

The Magic Town of Creel is by tradition the Gate of the Sierra Tarahumara since from this point you can make several excursions to the most interesting and spectacular destinations in the mountains in Chihuahua.

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The entity has all the services and infrastructure necessary to plan and undertake the discovery of one of the most fascinating and spectacular places in our country from here.


The Magical Town of Creel

Believe in an entity that has grown a lot in recent years, here Tarahumara from all latitudes converge, and national and international tourists who here prepare their tack, maps, routes, and provisions to enter the confines of the ravines and the mysterious and lethargic Tarahumara world, or rarámuri as they call themselves.

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The Magical Town of Creel is just over 260 kilometers from the city of Chihuahua, it can be accessed by road or by the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad better known as CHEPE.

In the town, there are very good hotels and cabins, restaurants with local and international cuisine, and also some corners that are well worth visiting.

In the main square there is a beautiful kiosk and to one side the Church of Christ the King, a building that refers the viewer to the temples of northern Europe; Opposite, is the railway station and on the other side of the road the interesting Museum of Popular Art, here you can find some of the artisans wonders that the rarámuri make; that is, basketry, masks, violins, drums, ceramics, dresses, dolls, and so on.

believeIt is not a bad idea to go up to the Cristo Rey monument to have a splendid view of the town from this viewpoint, nor is it a bad idea to go to the La Cabaña restaurant to “devour” a magnificent cut of meat, or to the La Estufa restaurant bar to savor the burritos de machaca, or try the rarámuri steak at the Tío Molcas restaurant.

From the Magical Town of Creel, there are many options for excursions and visits to idyllic places, here we leave you some options for walks that you can do in a single day, that is, with round trips to always spend the night in Creel.

ArarekoNicolas Triedo

Lago de ArarekoArareko Lake

T his body of water just a few kilometers from Creel is not to be missed: here you can take very pleasant walks along the beautiful lake, sail on it to fish, and you can also buy beautiful handicrafts with the Rrámuri women who work their crafts here.

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San Ignacio Arareko

E sta rarámuri community is in the same way very near Creel actually can walk, which is worth because in the go path finding caves inhabited by rarámuri, and forest and spectacular rock formations. E n the community include the Temple of San Ignacio, his old cemetery and rarámuri school children.

Nicolas Triedo

El Valle de los HongosThe Valley of the Mushrooms

Very close to San Ignacio, it is very worthwhile to approach this valley of stone formations with suggestive shapes, where you will of course discover fungi, but also frogs, coyotes and many other shapes that your imagination will dictate to you. In the area, you can also live with Rrámuri children who have their favorite nooks and corners to play in this place.


Valle De Los Monjes Chihuahua - Información de Zonas naturales en Chihuahua

Bisabírachi,  Valle de los Monjes “Valley of the Monks

This valley of impressive rock formations that have been carved by time in millions of years, is one of the most spectacular places in the entire sierra, some of the hundreds of rocks reach more than thirty meters, these suggest forms of monks and in general of somewhat ghostly characters. The place is sacred to the Rrámuri, and its solitude and tranquility is idyllic, without a doubt a place not to be missed.

Cascada de CusárareCusárare waterfall

This waterfall is a marvel, a waterfall of more than thirty meters high in the middle of a spectacular ravine and an evergreen forest of pines and oyameles. On the way, there are Rarámuri children and women who offer their crafts.

Rapichique de Cusarare • de Tradicion Tarahumara

Community of Cusárare

Just a few kilometers from the waterfall is the Rrámuri community of Cusárare, it is a magnificent opportunity to get to know a traditional community, with people dressed in their traditional clothing and carrying out their daily activities. It is very interesting here to visit the old community temple built by the Jesuits in the 18th century and which bears the name of the Holy Five Lords of Cusárare, on one side there is a small communal museum with an interesting sample of sacred painting.

In short, the Sierra Tarahumara has undoubtedly many secrets to discover, and from the Magical Town of Creel you can glimpse the immensity and splendor of this land, with this little taste you will be trapped forever, you will never be able to separate yourself from this mountain range and of the rarámuri, who are always coming from afar, silent, wise, atavistic.

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