Magic Town of Coscomatepec awaits all tourists!


The magical town of Coscomatepec took advantage of the pandemic caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes respiratory disease due to COVID-19, to beautify the municipality and receive tourists with a renovated town and with greater attractions to enjoy,” declared Yesica Castro, Director of Tourism and Municipal Image.

“We are working on a plan to reactivate tourism. During the pandemic, we decided to paint the facades of the first downtown area, so that when people return they see a change in the municipality, ” she said.

She added that the signs of the shops were also renewed and work is being done on other urban areas; tourist guides are being trained. “We continue to work constantly, obviously with the appropriate measures due to the pandemic and maintaining a healthy distance,” she continued.

Yesica Castro commented that Mayor Serafín González Saavedra is concerned and busy with carrying out work plans that contribute to the development of productive chains in the municipality.

Cosco Park, the detonator of tourism and the economy of the municipality

Yésica Castro, who has a degree in Design and Visual Communication, said that the Cosco Park is the most ambitious project of the Magic Town of Coscomatepec, which seeks to detonate the economy and tourism development, in order to generate more jobs in the municipality.

She stated that this is a very ambitious project since it is a theme park that will have countless activities and attractions for the fun and entertainment of visitors.

“Coscomatepec Park will offer different workshops: cigar rolling, bakery, saddlery, there is also a food and drink area where the gastronomy of Coscomatepec will be highlighted. A farm where the animals of the region live together so that the children of the municipality can interact with them and there are also endemic animals of the region on exhibit”, she continued.

The official stated that in the magical town “we have prepared to start making people turn to see Coscomatepec and little by little we will get out of this situation.”

She pointed out that the Cosco Park is planned to open its doors in the month of December or January, “we hope that a little earlier we can break the news and invite you to join us at the inauguration. The idea is obviously to generate jobs for the people of the municipality.

The director of Municipal Tourism recognized that the Covid-19 pandemic is a health problem with a tremendous economic and social impact that affected everyone in Coscomatepec, especially artisans, merchants, tour operators, the restaurant and hotel industry.

She also said that the Municipal Public Administration was affected too since they were launching three tourist products that had been well accepted by tourists and the people of the municipality, which are the Festival of Identity, Fiestas de Todos Santos, and Reto Bravo.

“Five hotels had closed, right now we have 4 but we are already looking to change that,” she said, recalling that there are also three self-hotels in service around the municipality.

Yesica Castro said that with social responsibility, at the beginning of the pandemic, tour operators were asked to temporarily stop offering services “but since we have the main entrance to Pico de Orizaba, many people come from other countries, from Mexico City, from Xalapa and other cities”.


Veracruz Daily Post