The journey that places #GUERRERO in the eyes of #EUROPE


Yes, it is not easy to be a host in a state that experiences difficult situations and that at this time this couple of adventurers have decided to come to visit part of Guerrero is undoubtedly a great advantage for the tourism promotion issue in our state since they They expose through social networks the beautiful landscapes and culture of Guerrerense.

The first thing we did was show a little of the attractions that exist in the state capital, Chilpancingo and one of the things that amaze Europeans and other foreign visitors is undoubtedly the treatment of its people towards them, as well as its architecture. .

That is why we decided to take them to the zócalo where the entire history of this beautiful state is exposed, passing through the esplanade which among its trees and its people detonate harmony and tranquility.

Visiting the Cathedral of the Assumption, going through the regional museum and each of its spaces of culture and art that Guerrero has is an activity that is enjoyed.

The time has come to continue with your destination, and the next stop is the port of Acapulco, which is undoubtedly a benchmark for world tourism, but to get there we would have to travel 120 km by bicycle.

During this tour we were able to see with how much amazement the cyclists remain of the landscapes of mountains, trees and waterfalls that we find along the way on the free highway # Chilpancingo- # Acapulco.

Their looks were always of surprise, because for them it is one of the most beautiful places they have visited. An obligatory stop was undoubtedly passing by the Acapulco González restaurant on the outskirts of the town of Acahuizotla, where we delight in its rich gastronomy, which gives it a special touch and that I invite you to visit it, besides that it is a beautiful place and comfortable for the whole family.

Again, return to the trip, noon, the rain falls and makes the journey more pleasant where without setbacks we continue to enjoy, taking photos and videos of each of the corners that our beautiful state of Guerrero encloses.

Marie the French stops and Oscar tells me what a beautiful place, thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet him, between my French boatman and my Spanish zanka coastal, we did not understand.

We arrived at the most beautiful port in the world, Acapulco and as a postcard its magnificent bay at dusk with the sunset at its maximum splendor. For them it was undoubtedly something magnificent because having traveled this beautiful state and being in Acapulco rolling along the unique world-famous coastline was gratifying.

This is how in one more adventure through sport we can expose the wonders of our Tierra Guerrero.

Thank you for all the facilities that the State Government Lic. # Héctor Astudillo offered for their stay in Guerrero to the bicycle travelers Marie from France and Juan Carlos from Spain.

As well as the Municipal Government for the road support at the entrance to Acapulco. Thank you very much, for me it will always be a pleasure to be able to show my beautiful state and seek the mechanisms that help to promote and disseminate it worldwide.

Cycling as a sport and one more alternative to tourist promotion for Guerrero. I congratulate all the governments that have committed to creating the appropriate spaces to travel in this environment, such as the bicycle. Says goodbye to you until the next adventure, your friend.

Source: Despertar de la Costa

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