Risk of infection from plane travel minimal


It is easier to get it in a convenience store or mini-superstore than to travel by plane says, Dr. Félix Porras

The doctor maintained that the plane has natural barriers, ventilation, the backrests work as a natural barrier against the passenger, the circulation in the air is recycled every three or four minutes, there is a spiral system that has filters that are comparable to the of an operating room.

He remarked that it is safe to travel by plane, you just have to be careful when boarding and disembarking, because when the plane reaches the platform, everyone begins to stop and not keep a healthy distance, then they grab the upper compartment, the hand luggage and the passengers approach and if they do not bring mouth covers it is a risky moment.

But if you take special care of the use of the mask that protects the nose , the risk is minimized, and we must also remember that passengers must get off in order by rows, at airports there is social distance and they are protecting users well.

During his participation in the weekly meeting of the Early Bird Group of Los Cabos, Dr. Porras said that as long as all citizens comply with health measures, they can carry out their productive activities with minimal risk of contagion, but stressed that it is important to prioritize activities with responsibility, that is to say, going out due to a work situation, shopping for groceries, but avoiding meetings with friends, roast meats and going to crowded and closed places at all times, because that puts citizens at high risk.

He gave a broad explanation of the symptoms of the disease, that 30% of people have no symptoms, 55% will develop mild to moderate symptoms and it will be the individual who has a headache and had the flu, who has a cough; 10% will have severe symptoms and will require hospitalization and high volume oxygen; 5% will be intubated in intensive care, from there 2 will survive and 3 will not survive.

Of every 100 people who get the virus, three are at risk of dying, only 10 will go through unpleasant episodes in the hospital and the other 85 percent will have a smooth evolution.

He spoke of tests, PCR in the nose and throat and IGM and IGG also called rapid tests , highlighting that at the beginning of the disease PCR and rapid tests should be applied at the end of the disease.

He acknowledged that the application of tests has been the subject of much controversy and many errors due to not having the correct information, but pointed out that it is important to know that rapid tests do not give a diagnosis of Coronavirus when the symptoms have begun, that test begins to become positive day 16 and represents three months of immunity.

He pointed out that when someone arrives at a company, at the airport, at the hotel and they do a rapid test, they will not come out positive unless they have already had the disease and at that time it is most likely that they are no longer contagious. 

He recalled that the time when a sick person is going to transmit the virus is from day 1 to 21 , or from the day on which symptoms begin up to 14 days later on average.

He also spoke about the importance of the correct use of the mask , that it protects even the nose and that when two people use it by someone sick and someone healthy, there is a low possibility of contagion; when the sick person protects himself and the possibility is medium; When the two protect each other with a meter and a half distance using face masks, the possibility of contagion is low, 5 percent. Without face masks, an asymptomatic and a normal person has a high possibility of transmitting the virus. 

The four basic points of protection are: a meter and a half social distance, protection with the use of face masks, masks and glasses; personal hygiene hand washing, disinfection of the environment, cell phone, keys, knobs.

While the 5 elements in favor against the virus are: the use of alcohol gel, disinfectants, chlorine, ultraviolet rays; the virus lasts between two hours and three days, after which time it dies.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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