Woman illegally takes tourists to Monte Albán, Oaxaca (VIDEO)


The woman supposedly of Central American origin led the tourists with deception between hills and paths; finally, they were intercepted by settlers before reaching the archaeological zone

Oaxaca.- A video circulates through social networks in which an alleged travel agency, represented by a woman of Central American origin, is denounced for trying to make her clients enter the archaeological zone of Monte Albán illegally, in Oaxaca.

Despite the fact that the female charged people for transferring them to the region and later taking them to the place, the surprise came when the entrance route was crossing hills and trails

Engañan a turistas en Oaxaca y los llevan a caminar por el cerro

In the images, you can see a group of at least twenty people discussing the problem with residents who monitor the area in search of avoiding undue income.

They have the right to call the police, “one of the visitors is heard saying.

Later, a female voice assured that the alleged aviation agent identified according to “Aratza R”, notified them that they could access with permission “from the people.”

Sitio Arqueológico de Monte Albán

According to data from the Twitter account @TursimoLegalMX, the woman would have picked up the people in two vans with the promise of taking them to the archaeological site closed by the Covid-19 pandemic and for reconstruction work that began after the June 23 earthquake. .

In various videos and photographs, it is observed how visitors walk among nature taking risks. Some of those present showed symptoms of extreme fatigue and physical dehydration after the long journey.

Fotografías de Monte Alban y Mitla en el estado de Oaxaca

The tourists complained about the fraud and called the Attorney for the Defense of the Consumer; however, they did not receive a positive response.

So far it is unknown whether or not those involved received any kind of sanction.

Source: nssoaxaca.com, debate.com.mx

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