Puerto Vallarta reports 221 new cases of COVID-19 in one week


Mexico’s health ministry on Saturday reported 5,974 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infections and 673 additional fatalities, bringing the total to 591,712 cases and 63,819 deaths.

In the past week, Puerto Vallarta has reported 221 new cases of COVID-19, compared to 267 the previous week, which represents a 20% decline this week. There are currently 123 active cases of the virus in the city, the highest number since August 6. Active cases are the current number of people who are considered to be contagious or within 14-days of their first symptoms.

This Saturday, the Jalisco Health Secretariat reported another 783 new confirmed COVID-19 infections throughout the State, which adds to the current 50,175 people infected since the first two cases were reported on March 14.

The cases of COVID-19 infections in Jalisco reported by the Federal Government are 152% less than the actual numbers reported by the State of Jalisco because the Federal Government does not accept case counts from private hospitals, private laboratories, or rapid tests.

The cases of coronavirus in Jalisco alone exceed those of 137 entire nations such as Venezuela, which has 48,879; it doubles that of Ireland or El Salvador and triples the infections of Paraguay, which has just over 15,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Of the deaths from COVID -19 registered to date in the entity, 1,269 also suffered from hypertension, that is, 53 percent of the victims.

People with this condition, in addition to obesity, diabetes, and smoking, are the ones who most frequently require hospitalization when they acquire the coronavirus infection.

“That is why it is recommended that people who suffer from these diseases take extreme precautions to avoid getting COVID-19, since they are more vulnerable and prone to developing complications.”

The agency recommended that people with hypertension keep their blood pressure levels below 130/80 and above 110/70, in addition to reinforcing hygiene and social distancing measures to avoid infections.

Although, it should be noted that half of the population suffers from these diseases, so it’s within the scientific averages that half of those who have died from COVID-19 would suffer from these other diseases.

The government has said the real number of infected people with COVID-19 is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

Source: PVDN

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