MTS-UVE robot disinfects hospital in Guadalajara


Jalisco, Mexico – To reinforce the disinfection of their COVID-19 areas, the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara, administered by the University of Guadalajara, will be the first in the country to use a robot that disinfects spaces using ultraviolet light.

Gabriel Isaías Urbina Sánchez, director of MTS Tech México, the company that manages the robot and will donate this service to university hospitals, pointed out that this technology was designed in conjunction with the Hospital Clínico de Barcelona, which sought to automate some of its processes through a robot that was able to move around the entire building to distribute medicine and food.

“The project began about a year ago, but the COVID issue arose in December and a change was made to allocate it to the disinfection of spaces with ultraviolet light, which is a technology already proven with a 99.96% disinfection capacity,” he said.

He indicated that the mapping process has been completed in the COVID-19 areas and others that are of interest to Civil Hospitals in order to start the disinfection processes as of next week.

Image MTS Tech México

Urbina explained that by using this technology, human errors are avoided, disinfection times of spaces are more efficient and up to 50% of the cost of these processes can be saved.

“When a COVID case is detected in a company, the entire route that the worker took when he entered the building, and all of the surrounding areas along that route, must be disinfected. In that process there may be errors in the application of chemicals. But, with this robot, you momentarily isolate the areas and after the robot passes and disinfects people can go back to work, without having to wait for the ozone to drop after a nebulization process,” he said.

For now, there is only one MTS-UVE robot in Mexico, but the company plans to have another pair next September to provide this service in Mexico City and other regions of the country.

“It is a technology that is not widely known in the country but is already used in cities such as Shanghai, New York or London, where the use of technology to combat COVID is promoted,” he said.



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