Cinepolis and Cinemex will reopen on June 15 with staggered functions


After Cinepolis and Cinemex will temporarily close their establishments to prevent the virus from spreading, they already have a reopening date in Mexico.

According to information from the National Chamber of the Film Industry, it revealed in its last report regarding operations at the end of 2019, that there are 7,616 movie theaters in Mexico, of which 3,988 are from Cinépolis and 3,055 from Cinemex, for which for June 15 will reopen their rooms in Mexico City with the corresponding sanitation measures.

Cinépolis and Cinemex add 90 percent of the control of movie theaters, so any matter regarding them is important for the consumer of the film industry, especially at a time when the quarantine drives the need to go to the experience these companies offer. This to be affected by the quarantine of the Covid-19.

Cinemas will reopen

On the other hand, during the quarantine, consumers took other entertainment options, so they had to hire Netflix or Amazon Prime, this encourages film companies and can enjoy as a family and take shelter at home to avoid getting Covid-19.

For their part, Cinépolis and Cinemex propose the reopening of the theaters from June 15 in Mexico City, with strict measures to avoid COVID-19 infections. Canacine director Tábata Vilar Villa told Zeta Weekly that they await the approval of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), but that they have clear procedures and experience in theaters now would include:


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