Sad reality: Puerto Vallarta second place in coronavirus in Jalisco


With data from the Ministry of Health, Puerto Vallarta sadly ranks second in the state for coronavirus cases, reaching 82 cases, maintaining 7 deaths.

With these data, it exceeds the municipality of Zapopan, which remains with 80 cases and one deceased person.

Guadalajara remains at the forefront of people infected with 141 individuals who have contracted covid-19 and 10 deceased people.

Puerto Vallarta presents 27.38 infected people for every 100,000 inhabitants, well above the 9.38 of the state capital.

Today 23 new cases are reported in Jalisco and 2 more deaths, one occurred in the municipality of El Salto and the other in Tlaquepaque.

To this day, positive cases have been registered in 36 municipalities of Jalisco; Today the first cases were identified in Ahualulco and Autlán.

As of this Wednesday, Jalisco registers 492 cases and 38 deaths.

In Puerto Vallarta it is evident that many people stay on the streets, they continue to see activity and they have opened an endless number of restaurants.

The recommendations of the health authorities call for staying at home, as the increase in cases is causing alarm at the speed with which they are occurring.


The Mazatlan Post