Yaxchilán is on the border with Guatemala, deep in the Lacandon jungle and wrapped in a unique mystique

Discover the archeology and architecture in Yaxchilán Chiapas.

Yaxchilán is located on the border of Mexico and Guatemala, deep in the Lacandon jungle. It is the most remote Mayan complex in the country and can only be reached in a 45-minute trip down the Usumacinta River, to the starting point of your trek through the ruins of Yaxchilan Mexico.

“Yaxchilán” means green stones in the Mayan language. It is an area is dominated by the tropical jungle in a mysterious mist, among monkeys, toucans, and ceiba trees. It consists of a Great Plaza, the tallest buildings on the Great Acropolis, and the smaller Acropolis, even higher. The site is known for the remains of beautiful decorations, ornaments, and hieroglyphs.

Here you can feel the magical vibes of the ancient Mayan empire, in this place that began to flourish around the end of the 7th century AD. C. The city belonged to one of the most important cities in the region and was as powerful as Palenque and Tikal, in Guatemala.

When you reach the ruins, you have to climb some stairs and walk towards a small office, where you register. In the Great Plaza, you will find the most important buildings, altar stones and stelae. If you look closely at the reliefs you can still see the remains of the Mayan kings.

In the grounds of the square, the ball court and small groups of buildings are located that, in some cases, seem to have served as palaces. In several of the constructions, there are still lintels that narrate the dynastic history of the city.

Yaxchilán is an example of the heyday of the cities. Its importance lies not only in the beauty of the architecture but also in its 124 texts distributed in 30 stelae, 21 altars, 59 lintels, and seven different inscriptions, made in this period. The texts narrate the establishment of alliances or war conflicts, and are hieroglyphic texts and representations of the protagonists of the various events.

In the midst of thick jungle vegetation full of sounds, Yaxchilán stands out for its extensive surface area and a complex distribution of its rooms that narrate the dynastic history of the city. Those in Buildings 12 and 22 stand out.

It is always ideal to wear cool clothing and comfortable shoes due to the hot weather; Due to its location, knowing this place can cause you certain physical discomforts, so we recommend that you go prepared for any eventuality that may arise.

Archaeological zone of Yaxchilán

Where: Highway to Palenque- Archaeological Zone Km. 8, 29960 Palenque, Chiapas.

When: Monday to Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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